# Ercole Cloud

Ercole Cloud allows you to retrieve health data about the state of a specific cloud, be it Oracle or AWS. Thanks to the jobs scheduled within the thunder-service, it is able to retrieve information and suggest possible optimizations to be applied to the external service.

# Minimal default required network/firewall rules

From To Port Proto
users ercole-apiservice 11113 HTTP
users ercole-thunderservice 11117 HTTP

# Add profiles

Through Ercole front-end, in the section dedicated to cloud advisors you can easily add a profile to authenticate yourself to your cloud service, in this way the scheduled job will retrieve the information relating to each enabled profile and will create recommendations to be adopted to improve the service.

# Oracle profile configurations

Data required to enable an Oracle profile:

  • Profile Name
  • Tenancy OCID
  • User OCID
  • Key Fingerprint
  • Region
  • Private Key

# AWS profile configurations

Data required to enable an AWS profile:

  • Access Key ID
  • Region
  • Secret Key ID